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In the spring the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will publish his Mayor’s Transport Strategy (MTS). The Strategy will set out the next 25 years of transport policy, with a key focus on shaping the health of Londoners for years to come.

The new Mayor is keen for the transport sector to deliver significant health benefits by taking the Healthy Streets approach – making streets more attractive for walking and cycling, reducing air and noise pollution, road danger and making public transport more accessible. 

A 2 hour workshop took place at the ISEH at the beginning of January and provided an overview of the MTS and gave stakeholders from the health and transport sectors a chance to highlight what they would like to see the MTS achieve in relation to health benefits for Londoners.

Many important points emerged from the discussions, the key points were:


  • Targets: Participants emphasised the importance of the MTS delivering ambitious targets to increase physical activity and improve air quality

Mayor’s Transport Strategy

  • Delivering Healthy Streets and places for all: participants identified a number of things that need to be done to create an environment for all Londoner’s. These include addressing the street environment as well as providing facilities such as toilets and resting places
  • Motor vehicles on the road: participants felt strongly that there needed to be policies to reduce the numbers of cars on the road. This was felt to be essential for reallocating road space to active travel modes
  • Transport for London: Public transport access and reliability: participants highlighted a number of things that Transport for London would need to do to address access and reliability of the transport network. This was felt to be essential to encourage more people to use public transport.
  • Freight: participants discussed the importance of reducing and consolidating freight especially within inner London

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MTS presentation