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Respiratory or breathing issues during exercise or sport are a real problem for many people. Symptoms such as cough, wheeze and breathlessness can seriously limit both the enjoyment and performance of sport and lead to people avoiding exercise completely. Individuals are usually told their problems are simply explained by ‘asthma’ or that they are exercising ‘too much’. This isn’t helpful and doesn’t address the problem.

The ISEH Sports Respiratory Clinic is a highly specialist assessment clinic that combines world-leading expertise in the field of sports respiratory medicine with the best tests and therapies, to help diagnose and treat any respiratory issue that is causing problems during exercise. The ISEH resolves respiratory problems that include:

  • Breathlessness on exercise +/- wheezy or noisy breathing
  • Exercise-associated cough
  • Throat tightness / throat irritation during exercise
  • Recurrent respiratory tract infections, limiting ability to train or compete
  • Asthma and exercise-induced asthma
  • Atypical chest pain during sport
  • Nasal and Hay fever related respiratory problems in athletes

The ISEH has set up the service to provide the most advanced approach to diagnostic testing, ensuring a robust and secure diagnosis of any respiratory problem. This includes specialist tests to assess asthma ± exercise induced asthma, allergies and exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction.

We then work with a multi-disciplinary team of breathing and upper airway experts to provide clients with a bespoke and personalised treatment plan, including self-instruction videos and online resources.

The team has a broad range of expertise, based on experience of helping Olympic level and professional athletes to perform at the very top level, but also helping people struggling with symptoms limiting everyday activity and wishing to be able to do more on a day-to-day basis.

We can conduct remote or virtual consultations as well as in person. To book an appointment or to enquire about the ISEH Mobile Respiratory Service, please contact:

t. 020 3447 2800