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The Elite Sports Concierge Service is an exclusive partnership between the ISEH and HCA Healthcare UK (HCA UK) and provides rapid access medical services to high-acuity patients in the acute care setting.

We provide a single point of contact for priority entry, supporting elite athletes and teams such as Premier League football clubs with our partner HCA UK, who are uniquely placed to offer a broad spectrum of experts and specialities in the event of a medical emergency.

Elite Sports Concierge Membership

HCA UK has initiated an exclusive membership scheme that avoids tiered offer systems consistent with other providers, instead offering sports clubs and institutions an all-encompassing service.

Your membership includes:

• Multidisciplinary care from HCA UK’s leading consultants

• Rapid access to diagnostics and treatment

• Intensive care facilities to support complex care

• Seamless VIP pathway into The Princess Grace Hospital or the Wellington Hospital and all ISEH specialist clinics

• Cover for all athletes and staff aged 18+ officially registered with your club

• Players’ immediate families are also covered

• Dedicated support from your Elite Sports Concierge Manager

Emergency Medicine, Personalised Care

After a decade of working in partnership with the NFL, HCA UK has demonstrated credibility in the provision of world-class immediate medical care to high-net worth performance individuals; be it rapid assessment/diagnostics, or if required, admission into any one of our facilities.

Any athlete with life-threatening injuries should always be evacuated to the nearest NHS A&E facility (cardiac arrest, neuro-trauma, suspected spinal injury). However, in times of medical uncertainly, under the medical supervision of ISEH Clinical Director Professor Fares Haddad, we work with the athletes’ medical representatives to ascertain if the elite sport concierge pathway is suitable to ensure the highest possible standards of care are provided to ill or injured athletes.

HCA UK offers unrivalled expertise in maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedics (shoulder and elbow, hand and wrist, hip and knee, foot and ankle, and spine) and if required, plastic surgery. Other specialties such as neurology and cardiology can be arranged if required.

Urgent Care Centre

Elite Sports Concierge Service members can access our Urgent Care Centres at The Princess Grace Hospital and The Wellington Hospital, where we can treat a number conditions including musculoskeletal injuries and minor trauma.

Acute Admissions Unit

Members will also have access to our Acute Admissions Unit at The Princess Grace Hospital and Wellington Hospital, for treatment of urgent medical conditions from any one of our multidisciplinary team of specialists.

To enquire about the Elite Sports Concierge Service, please contact:

Chloe Davies

Elite Sport Concierge Manager

t: 07824 163 503


Elite Sports Concierge Service brochure