Welcome to the ISEH careers page. Details of all our current vacancies are advertised here.  

Job Opportunities

Senior 1 Outpatient MSK Physiotherapist - More information and to apply

Please also look at our partner’s websites who may advertise for position’s attached to the Institute.

Unfortunately we cannot respond to speculative job enquires and in accordance with the Data Protection Act do not retain CV's on file.

Work Experience/ Volunteering Opportunties 

There are currently no work experience/ volunteering opportunites available at the ISEH.

Research Opportunities

Occasionally we offer research based opportunities/ work experience if there is a researcher who is looking for assistance. If you are interested in the research side of the Institute please email research.education@iseh.co.uk.

Research Participation

Occasionally we will have research studies based at the ISEH which require volunteers.

There are currently no research studies which require volunteers.