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Sports Cardio-Respiratory Medicine Conference

May 6,2021

9.00 - 16.05 BST


09.00-09.15 - Welcome to ISEH and overview of the day

Prof Fares Haddad and Prof Mathew Wilson

AM: Optimising respiratory health and protecting athletes from respiratory illness

Chair: Dr James Hull (10-minute Q+A after each talk)

9.15-9.35 What are the big issues in Sports Respiratory Medicine?

Associate Prof James Hull (ISEH and Royal Brompton Hospital, UK)

9.45-10.05 The immune system and respiratory tract infection - how can we protect athletes?

Prof David Pyne, (Canberra, Australia)

10.15-10.35 The impact of pollution and ozone on elite athletes: getting ready for Tokyo

Prof Michael Koehle, (Vancouver, Canada)


11.00-11.20 Dealing with respiratory infection in Athletes: COVID and beyond…

Prof Martin Schwellnus (Pretoria, SA)

11.30-11.50 The airway surface in athletes – how can we protect the airway from injury?

Dr Pascale Kippelen, (Brunel, UK)

12.00-12.20 How can I get my athlete to breathe better? Optimising respiratory performance

Julie Moore (ISEH, UK)

LUNCH 12.30-13.30

PM: Common sports cardiology conundrums for the SEM clinician

Chairs: Dr Guido Pieles and Prof Mathew Wilson (10-minute Q+A after each talk)

13.30-13.50 Are we pushing adolescent athletes too hard, too early?

Prof Craig Williams (Exeter, UK)

14.00-14.20 Evidence for cardiac involvement from COVID in athletes

Prof Sanjay Sharma (St Georges, UK)

14.30-14.50 Is it time for targeted rather than universal cardiac screening in athletes?

Prof Kim Harmon (Seattle, USA)

15.00-15.20 Return to play in athletes with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Associate Prof Guido Pieles (ISEH and Bristol Heart Institute, UK)

15.30-15.50 Supporting the veteran athlete with suspected heart disease

Prof Marta Sitges (Barcelona, Spain)

16.00-16.05 Closing Remarks

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