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The development of our specialised sports screening program allows all walks of physically active individual's access to the same diagnostic and clinical expertise that is on offer to the world’s best athletes.

Our Pre-Participation Fitness Evaluation (PPFE)  is led by a Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultant and establishes your overall health status and detects medical conditions or lifestyle choices that might predispose you to injury or limit your ability to perform at your best.  

For those returning from injury or illness it can help in the decision-making process about when to return to sport and how to optimise recovery.

The screen includes assessment of multiple body systems:

  • Cardiovascular – resting pulse and heart sounds, blood pressure, ECG.
  • Respiratory – spirometry
  • Biometrics – height, weight, waist/hip measurements, body composition analysis
  • Musculoskeletal – symmetry in joint range of movement, flexibility, strength test of the major muscle groups and balance test
  • Blood and urine analysis

Formal Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing and specialist sports dietician assessment  is also available.  

Following the screening, you will receive a full report of your assessments highlighting the potential implication it may have on health and performance along with recommendations on how to ideally resolve them.

Pre-Participation Fitness Evaluation brochure

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