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The ISEH tendon clinic is the only one-stop combined tendon clinic in London dedicated to the assessment and treatment of tendon complaints, both upper and lower limb.

The clinic is a unique service run by Dr Lorenzo Masci (Consultant Sports Physician) and Christopher Myers (Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist). Both clinicians have extensive experience with tendon complaints, more specifically chronic tendons that are not improving.

This ‘combined approach’ is normal for elite athletes and is now available to amateur athletes who are struggling to reach their goals. We are a results-based clinic and all clients fill out a questionnaire at their first appointment and following their treatment to follow their progress.

Every new patient has an hour initial consultation, which includes:

  • thorough history taking
  • clinical examination
  • an ultrasound scan (and a UTC scan - only used for patella and Achilles tendon complaints).
  • strength testing
  • relative strength testing

Following the consultation, an individualised evidence based treatment programme tailored to your needs and goals will be implemented. This may include injection therapy, shockwave therapy and /or a specific rehabilitation programme. On some occasions, this may involve minimally invasive procedure or surgery. We work with the world’s leading surgeons and will ensure you see the right person for your problem.

If you have any questions before booking please don’t hesitate to email us