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Spring on foot at the ISEH

The traumatic dislocation of the peroneal tendons of a Real Madrid forward in November last year, the surgical repair and his speculated return to sport have been reported extensively in the media and followed by Mr Michael Oddy, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon at the ISEH.


An introduction to bone stress injuries

Bone Strees injuries are typically overuse injuries associated with repetitive loading of bone by vigorous weight-bearing activity (such as running/ jogging/ marching) and inadequate recovery as Dr Rick Seah, Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine at the ISEH reports.


Research profile: Luke Hughes

Luke Hughes is Ph.D. student and honorary researcher at the ISEH. His research project 'Strength training with blood flow restriction to the lower limb in immobilised patients following ACL reconstruction and ankle fracture' was recently published in British Journal of Sports Medicine.


Brutal, tribual but always magical, the Six Nations is upon us again

This year sees an unbeaten England in 2016 seeing if they can continue 2017 where they left off. ISEH's Dr Kal Parmar is the Club Doctor at Leicester Tigers Rugby, who have a large contingent of players who’ll be training and playing with the National Teams, not only England, but also Italy and Wales.


Mayor of London's Transport Strategy and Health

In the spring the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will publish his Mayor’s Transport Strategy. The Strategy will set out the next 25 years of transport policy, with a key focus on shaping the health of Londoners for years to come.


Olympic gold medalist inspires budding sport and exercise medicine physicans

Faced with a decision of whether to go mingle with the who’s who of elite sport at the Premiere of ‘I am Bolt’, or an arguably less glitzy albeit unique forum on ‘What makes a successful Olympic medical team?’, Olympic Gold medalist Christine Ohuruogu humbly chose the stripes of the ISEH over the red carpet of Leicester Square.


Redefining inactivity by Active Movement

The recognition that sport and activity are not synonym is perhaps a new reality we need to pursue. For too long, the focus has been on getting the most inactive to run, cycle or join a gym with little chance of those who have rejected exercise suddenly finding some suppressed athleticism.


Performing Arts Medicine students visit rehearsal of Lulu

On 2 November 2016, the Performing Arts Medicine MSc students visited the rehearsal of Lulu by the English National Opera and spent a whole afternoon experiencing the London Coliseum setting and talking to the ENO musicians.


Rugby player's remarkable comeback

Kat Evans, teacher and Premiership women rugby player for Saracens suffered a complicated leg break back in 2012 whilst playing rugby and was treated by ISEH consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon Sam Oussedik.


The end of this year on foot at the ISEH

The end of a calendar year may be a time to reflect on personal achievements, but for many, the cold winter months are a time when hard fitness training continues with spring and summer sporting goals in sight.


Safe ways to take up running

Experts state that running regularly can help to increase your life expectancy and that even jogging and short runs are beneficial. Additionally, running can reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases, such as bowel cancer and type 2 diabetes.


Tendinopathy: State of Play

Orthopaedic Research UK held a one-day Tendinopathy conference in London on the 16 November chaired by Dr Mike Loosemore, lead consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine, ISEH.